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Teachers and parents can do a lot to prepare students—both academically and financially. But how do you know what to focus on once you actually become a college student? A Wall Street Journal columnist lamented the trend towards increasing career anxiety in our youth, leading students to “Try to fit themselves into one of a series of career choices as defined by others, rather than using their interests to guide them in exploring the outer world.” Planning ahead not only helps you in the long-term, it makes good financial sense, too.

THE SOLUTION… Future Focus™

Designed specifically to address the needs of students who have graduated high school and are plotting their next career move, this program uses the self-discovery process to help you become more informed, focused, and better equipped to make decisions about your college preparation and professional career.
Using insightful information obtained through the Future Focus program, you can drive your decisions… schools, majors, activities, internships, networking… these individual decisions start to pave the path for future career opportunities. Don’t let these events simply unfold. Influence the outcome instead.
Future Focus is based on a process we’ve used successfully with thousands of adults who were searching for a new career or a new job. We adapted it to address the unique needs of college students and further refined it into 2 segments:
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Future Focus I

Future Focus I is designed to guide college bound and vocational students through a process to examine their natural interests and skills and match them to potential career paths and college majors. Learn more…

“I needed help figuring out my major. With so many interests, I was unsure what direction to take for work and my long-term plans. I didn’t just want pick something that would be interesting or make good money, but something that I would also enjoy. Working with Crosworks gave me peace of mind; I know more about myself and what I want, and have a more realistic view of what I should expect from my career path.

My career counselor helped me take into consideration what matters the most to me and how to find that match in my career choice and schooling. She made me feel like anything was possible and that I was going to be successful! The Birkman Assessment showed me that not only did I have the traits for being successful in the career fields that I had been thinking about, but that people who shared my results also had a high level of enjoyment in these fields. That helped me build my confidence about pursuing my path. I am now a Pre-Vet student with a neuroscience major, and a minor in French.”

Mia O.

1st Year Student, The Ohio State University

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