Expert High School College Counseling

Future Focus I is designed for recent high school graduates who are contemplating next steps – whether starting college or a new vocation or just starting the selection and application process.

When Should Career Coaching Begin ?

Talking about careers at this stage may seem premature, when the whole idea of college is to expose students to new and diverse disciplines. But an individual’s ultimate career preferences are influenced by many non-academic factors, including innate talents, motivational needs, interests, and personality traits. Through the Birkman® Method Career Focus Report, we help each student examine those factors in themselves, and develop a frame of reference for matching up their “work personality” against potential career paths.

One immediate benefit to Future Focus I:

By shedding light on the student’s areas of interest—i.e. potential majors—it shows which academic strengths and offerings to look for when comparing different institutions. Plus, some majors (such as engineering) require a lengthy, rigid progression of courses. For that level of commitment, the earlier the student can decide, the better.

This program consists of:

  • Two private sessions with a professional career consultant
  • The Birkman Method Career Focus Report assessment


The student’s commitment to self-discovery and career exploration is essential to the success of this process. We look forward to helping you or your student prepare for the future.

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