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Rapid-fire developments in technology, science, business, culture, and society are buffeting our economy like never before. The typical career path no longer follows a straight line—it zigzags. The young professionals best equipped to adapt will be those who use their time in college to lay a solid foundation.

Through Future Focus II

We help college-bound and current students explore their motivations and interests, identify potential career paths, and plan their studies and activities accordingly. For example, securing internships, joining student chapters of professional organizations, and assisting in faculty research projects are all avenues for cultivating professional contacts and getting a jumpstart on your career.

We also address the needs of recent graduates trying to establish themselves in their chosen field, or sidestep into a feasible alternative. Sharing the comprehensive techniques and tools from our Job Search Strategies, we will show you how to:

  • research industries, companies, career tracks, and hiring managers
  • tap the hidden job market
  • develop your personal brand—via your resume, online profile, correspondence, and interviews—to showcase your strengths and qualifications

These practical techniques and the self-awareness gained through Future Focus II will serve you well now, and throughout your entire career.

You might be wondering, “Why do I need something like this, when my college offers career services?”

The answer to that very valid question: because we’re constantly dealing with hiring managers, HR departments, and professionals from all different fields, we have our finger on the pulse of workforce trends, occupational skills in demand, and avenues of opportunity. In other words, we pick up where your academic advisors and college counselors leave off.

This program consists of:

  • Three private sessions with a professional career consultant
  • The Birkman Method Advanced Report assessment
  • The Crosworks Career Management Template©

The student’s commitment to self-discovery and career exploration is essential to the success of this process. We look forward to helping your student prepare for the future.

“In today’s job market, every college student should work with a Career Strategist/Advisor and go through this process!  You will gain invaluable insight into who you are and how to position yourself professionally.  My career counselor still keeps in touch with me – always thinking of me even after month’s have passed since we worked together.  It’s been a great experience, and I couldn’t be happier with what I’ve accomplished.”

Cameron H.

Recent College Graduate

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