The Challenge: Helping Your College or College-Bound Student Determine Areas of Study, A Career Path And/Or Career Possibilities

Our students can drive, but they may not know where they are going! Directions can seem complicated. It’s easy to get lost or confused. In a recent Wall Street Journal column, the writer lamented the trend towards increasing career anxiety in our youth, leading students to “try to fit themselves into one of a series of career choices as defined by others, rather than using their interests to guide them in exploring the outer world.

The Solution: Future Focus™

This program is designed specifically for college and college-bound students who are uncertain about how to determine areas of study, career paths, or potential careers. The program provides support for the self-discovery process to make students more informed, focused and better equipped to make decisions about their college preparation and professional careers. Future Focus™ includes:

  • Two personalized meetings with a career strategist to provide information, education, and direction to better focus your student’s college and career search. By defining the student’s interests, values, and skills, the process will also help your student define the ideal environment for him/her to succeed at college and in today’s competitive work environment.
  • The Birkman Method® Test will define your student’s behaviors, needs, and interests. This tool, the acclaimed Birkman Method®, will also provide a road map to define career fields of interest and the best-fit work environment.


We have used this process successfully with hundreds of adults who were in search of a new career or a new job. Based on demand (and the needs of our own children!) we have adapted this process for the college and college-bound student. The cost is only  to cover materials and consulting time, a small fraction of your investment in higher education, to assist your student in making the most of that education.

Your student’s commitment and interest in self-discovery and career opportunities are essential to the success of this process!

We look forward to helping your student explore the future! Contact us for additional information about our services and the Birkman Method™

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