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If last year taught us anything, it’s that clarity is hard to find as the volume of the world is turned up to deafening levels. Thankfully, Shelly Stotzer is equipped with a unique skillset that has helped others to find clarity for years. During these rare times, she’s leaning on her career coach skills to light the way for herself more than ever.

Purveyor of Possibility

As Owner and Leadership & Career Strategist at Crosworks, Shelly is taking an introspective look at her goals and hopes for the shelly stotzer brand phrase on wall of officeyear. Between running a business, serving shifting client needs and raising teen daughters, she knows how important it is to establish and focus on priorities. Shelly understands it takes a willingness to learn, grow and adapt along the way to stay committed to one’s aspirations.

“Through my participation in Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses program, I have developed a new product concept. My goal is to test the viability so we can decide whether to launch,” shares Shelly. “The product would change the way we screen and hire, and it would reduce the bias that exists in our hiring processes.” As a professional career coach, staying ahead of trends, tools and challenges in the industry is critical so she can adapt the Crosworks’ approach to meet evolving demand. “I spend a lot of time thinking about our products and services and speaking with potential clients on the phone. In 2021, I plan to continue to focus on client needs to determine where to invest our time and resources,” says Shelly.

At home, Shelly refocuses into parenting mode. As her maturing daughters enter the next chapter in their lives—driving, working, dating and preparing for college—she’s discovering how to evolve as a parent. “Learning to adjust my parenting style to give them the space to grow and learn in this chapter will not be easy, but it is incredibly important,” Shelly shares.

Keeping an even keel

Among the work and home priorities, there must also be room to rest and refuel. In the past year, Shelly has found ways to connect with good friends, spend more time with her daughters, unwind at her family’s home on Indian Lake, read and play games. Of course, she has Zoomed a lot more and dressed up a lot less. But, the extra time has been spent learning new technologies and thinking through how those could benefit her clients and her work in the coming year.

Being introspective and thinking through how to help herself and her clients gain greater clarity has always been a hallmark of Shelly’s spirit and ambition. Her colleagues, friends, and family have sought her advice since her college days for sound, constructive, and objective career direction. And now her clients count on her as their career coach for guidance toward clarity and focus on their job searches.

It simply comes naturally to Shelly to help others find their potential and direction. And she believes it’s quite simple to do. “Take the time to understand yourself—the lens through which you see the world—and you’ll undoubtedly be able to better understand and accept others as well,” she says.

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