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Just a few real life stories of Crosworks' clients making a successful transition.

FUTURE FOCUS: “I had so many interests, and I was unsure what direction to take for work and my long-term plans.”

“I wouldn’t say that I was skeptical, but I was nervous to meet with my Crosworks Coach. I am not super social and I was worried that our time together would be awkward. That was not my experience at all! My Coach made me feel comfortable right away, and helped me build confidence in planning my future every time we spent time together. She made me feel like anything was possible and that I was going to be successful!

I knew that I was headed into a career involving science, but didn’t know how to choose my major to reflect what I wanted to do. The Birkman Assessment showed me that not only did I have the traits for being successful in the career fields that I had been thinking about, but that people who shared my results also had a high level of enjoyment in these fields. That helped me build my confidence about pursuing my path. I am a Pre-Vet student with a neuroscience major, and a minor in French.

Every college student I know if struggling with choosing a major. [Crosworks] gave me peace of mind; I know more about myself and what I want, and have a more realistic view of what I should expect from my career path. She helped me take into consideration what matters the most to me and how to find that match in my career choice and schooling.”


While he had achieved a highly successful career in financial services sales and relationship management, this client felt he could no longer continue to ignore a long-held “itch” to run his own business. He felt he needed a second, external opinion before making a decision to strike out on his own. Using the Crosworks Career Assessment and Appraisal program, we explored his career and life accomplishments and his acquired skills and expertise. Using the Birkman Method, we benchmarked his strengths, interests and ideal work environment against his then current position and the notion of entrepreneurship. The objective process gave him the validation and confidence he needed to move forward. Our client also gained important insight into how to surround himself with people who compliment his interests and skills in order to set the business on the best path to success. Rather than following the traditional path of resume and interviewing, we developed a one-page pitch sheet to help investors understand what he uniquely and authentically brings to the table. He purchased a business, and today he’s his own boss, building a business with the independence he craved and the financial terms he deserves.

FUTURE FOCUS: “It’s hard to stand out as a new college grad!”

“I believe all students need this roadmap! I was able to identify the options I could pursue based on the degree that I was studying – I had two clear paths to choose from that I’d be qualified to explore. Before working with Crosworks, neither path was appealing and I questioned even my choice in major! Our work showed me that my best options were sitting right in front of me, but I couldn’t connect the dots on my own. I ended up accepting a job offer that is definitely the best fit for me, and a great start to help get where I want to go next professionally.

In today’s job market, every college student should work with a Career Coach and go through this process! You will gain invaluable insight into who you are and how to position yourself professionally. My Crosworks Coach still keeps in touch with me – always thinking of me even after month’s have passed since we worked together. It’s been a great experience, and I couldn’t be happier with what I’ve accomplished.”


After 4 years working with a variety of start-up companies in various IT-based sales positions, she was feeling a lack of direction and purpose in her career. Was this really a career? What was she after? How to get there? Crosworks helped her dig deep and explore her accomplishments to date, as well as what she was seeking in her day-to-day work environment. The Birkman Method, a key component of our Career Assessment & Appraisal program, gave her a new level of insight into herself and her motivations. Her elevator pitch, resume, and LinkedIn page content were then updated to more accurately reflect not only her past, but where her skills could be applied in the future. From there, creating a list of target companies became easier, and she found networking both enjoyable and critical to moving forward. Today in her new position as a business analyst at a large consulting firm, she’s helping create customer value through technology solutions. She looks forward to the career opportunities she knows lie ahead.


After building a strong 25-year career in enterprise software sales and account management with leading companies, this client hit a ceiling. He loved dealing with the customers, but he was looking for interactions at a different level. Inside of working across the widest variety of applications, he was looking for an opportunity where he could go deep in a true subject matter expert role. But would making a change at this point in his career be possible or even a mistake?

Our client found Crosworks and using the Career Assessment and Appraisal process, we became his partner in developing a plan to move forward. Looking across his career accomplishments and using the Birkman assessment gave him unexpected insights into himself. And it clarified and confirmed the right next steps. Through the process he gained further confidence that his expertise and skills would be recognized, appreciated and applied in new and different ways. He made the change and today he is working with a large enterprise using leading edge data management technologies and partnering with his customers to deliver value-enhancing business results

Teaching From A New Perspective

When she hired Crosworks, she was looking for an advocate, a process, a way to transition from simply wanting to move out of the public education sector to actually making the right moves toward a goal she could become passionate about. Through our Career Assessment and Appraisal program, she gained a new knowledge about herself and focus and clarity relative to her career aspirations. She was then able to identify and communicate what makes her unique – her passion for travel, strengths and expertise in instructional design, her desired new field. With encouragement and direction from Crosworks, our client networked with instructional design and development professionals that have become long-term mentors and friends. Her newly gained ability to present her professional experience and core competencies – in a clear, authentic and future-focused way – led to multiple job options. Today, she is working with clients from across the country in an Organizational Change Management firm, using her creativity and the skills she loves most while continuing to learn, grow and be challenged.

Outplacement for Accounting Professional

Wendy’s and Tim Horton’s made the tough decision to cut staff and consolidate their accounting operations in the Canada office. They turned to Crosworks to ease the transition for a loyal, senior employee—a 63-year-old who had been with the company more than 20 years. Tailoring our Outplacement Services to the needs of both employer and employee, we provided career assessment and counseling, developed a targeted plan, and guided the accounting professional in creating her resume and other personal branding materials. Thanks to her strong background and our step-by-step process, she secured an equivalent position at Big Lots (where she also teaches classes at the company fitness center).

Cafeteria Mom to Sales Executive: Re-Entering the Workforce

She relocated with her family to Columbus and chose to stay home while her kids were young. Now, 8 years later, this former media sales professional was looking to re-enter the workforce, preferably in a creative field. But, how should she go about it? Taking this client through our Job Search Strategies, Crosworks helped her review previous accomplishments, analyze her skills, and develop a positioning—a vision of her current self—she could confidently promote. Combining this with our contacts in the local market of “creative business people,” she found, interviewed for and landed a sales job with an event planning firm.

Franklin County Children Services: Realigning Resources

This health and human services agency assists nearly 30,000 children and their families each year. Complicating their staffing situation, government policy dictates certain role placements based on seniority. When a division manager saw conflict escalating between supervisors and the team, she called in Crosworks. Through a customized, two-part Team Effectiveness workshop, we used the Birkman Method to counsel each individual and identify unproductive behaviors within the group. Through a combination of independent and team work, we helped each team member gain an understanding of themselves, how they relate to others on the team, their needs and expectations in the workplace. As a result, three different supervisors concluded—on their own—they were not a good fit for management responsibilities. They voluntarily moved out of the roles, were happier as a result and the division started functioning much more effectively… all while upholding the agency’s employment policy.

20-Something Makes a Move

Still in the early stages of her media communications career and with no family commitments yet, a young woman who yearned for the big city lifestyle decided it was “now or never.” But, she knew this kind of transition takes planning so came to us for help. Crosworks performed our Career Assessment & Appraisal, reviewing her skills and experiences (both career-related and prior), and put together a strategic plan. A key part of her plan included how to develop her Chicago network based on building out from the contacts she had made in her local market. She relocated successfully, securing a media job in her preferred location.

Physician Taps Into Technology

He got into medicine to help people. But for this physician in his late 30’s, that was increasingly becoming a challenge. With a caseload of 4,000 patients a year, plus hours of accompanying paperwork, he was working longer days, getting less fulfillment, and sacrificing time with his wife and 2 young kids. He came to Crosworks for help. Through our Career Assessment & Appraisal—including the Birkman Method Assessment—the physician realized he was drawn to process-oriented work, and had a particular interest in electronic medical records. From this insight, we developed his strategic career plan which utilized his natural strengths and interests and helped him secure a position with a leading electronic medical records company. The physician says, “Now I’m helping millions of patients, and I can still be home to meet the kids’ school bus.”

Lifeline of Ohio: Success Through Effective Teamwork

To raise awareness and promote organ donation, independent non-profit Lifeline of Ohio developed The Green Chair event. This event centered around donor families, recipients, and others affected by the cause and allowed them to share their personal stories. The event was not only emotionally charged, but logistically complex including: non-stop programming for 24 hours, an outdoor venue (rain or shine), unscripted public participation, media representatives on-site, volunteers to coordinate, educational materials to distribute, and one chance to solicit support. The staff desperately needed to be prepared. Through an intense facilitation and planning session (part of our Team Effectiveness services), we helped the group anticipate hurdles, develop contingencies, divide responsibilities based on individual strengths, and be ready to execute. The team performed flawlessly and the event went so well that it’s become the centerpiece of the organization’s annual outreach.

Family Business: Right Environment Improves Performance

At a family-owned auction and appraisal company, the phone calls and correspondence came from all quarters—buyers and sellers, fine art collectors, attorneys, estate executors, trust officers, and educational institutions. The company needed receptionist help, so the owners tapped a dependable, long-time, high performing employee. But, as soon as she moved into her new role her productivity plummeted. Crosworks was brought in to provide Career Coaching services. Using the Birkman Method, we determined the employee’s ideal work environment as quiet and solitary, with minimum disruption and structured and routine tasks. The owners moved her back to her original physical environment and the employee was back on a path of excellence, productivity and personal fulfillment.

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