FUTURE FOCUS: “I had so many interests, and I was unsure what direction to take for work and my long-term plans.”

"I wouldn’t say that I was skeptical, but I was nervous to meet with my Crosworks Coach. I am not super social and I was worried that our time together would be awkward. That was not my experience at all! My Coach made me feel comfortable right away, and helped me build confidence in planning my future every time we spent time together. She made me feel like anything was possible and that I was going to be successful! I knew that I was headed into a career involving science, but didn’t know how to choose my major to reflect what I wanted to do. The Birkman Assessment showed me that not only did I have the traits for being successful in the career fields that I had been thinking about, but that people who shared my results also had a high level of enjoyment in these fields. That helped me build my confidence about pursuing my path. I am a Pre-Vet student with a neuroscience major, and a minor in French. Every college student I know if struggling with choosing a major. [Crosworks] gave me peace of mind; I know more about myself and what I want, and have a more realistic view of what I should expect from my career path. She helped me take into consideration what matters the most to me and how to find that match in my career choice and schooling."