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I’ll admit it; I anticipated a cut-and-dried process before receiving my Birkman assessment. When pondering big decisions about my future just a few years ago, I took some of the standard personality tests out there. At the end of the day, all of them either placed me in one of eight or nine “boxes” or told me things I already knew about myself. But The Birkman Method reminded me why deep self-assessments like these are so important for growth. We all wear a unique lens, giving us different outlooks on the world. And when an expert takes a glimpse through your unique lens and offer their perspective, the rewards that arise are priceless.

Taking the Test

The simplicity of the Birkman Questionnaire blew me away. The questions are mostly true and false, so going through the exam feels stress-free. To summarize, the first half of the exam consisted of questions that were directed at the individual; how you perceive yourself. The second half focused on how you perceive others. As you will see later, this contrast ends up revealing a ton about what people need to thrive versus what they ask for. Some personality tests are easy to “fake,” but not Birkman. Get comfortable, take your time, and be honest with yourself. Once you sit down with a Birkman expert, the test’s revelations will surprise you.

Learning Results

Unlike other personality tests, Birkman reports go into immense detail. With over 40 styles, your report truly feels unique. As I read, I noticed that a good portion of the results told me exactly what I needed to be happy and thrive in a work environment. After processing these needs, I realized these coaching traits I need conflicted with what I may ask for. I had a flashback to when I took the test, remembering the fact that the questions posed had little to do with perceived skills and intellects. The assessment literally tested my personality! Similarly, I realized that my needs greatly contradict my behavior. This thought didn’t fully resonate until I got the full breakdown with a licensed Birkman strategist.

Expert Coaching

Nothing compliments The Birkman Method perfectly more than advice from a coach. This person understands Birkman in and out and has mastered the art of looking through that “unique lens” I talked about earlier. My coach offered her perspective on each of my Birkman interests, telling me the importance of cherishing those values I scored highly with. The Birkman map indicated that I like to promote and persuade with assertiveness (green on the map). However, the map also revealed how comfortable I feel when people appreciate my autonomy and freedom (more blue on the map). Having a coach explain how these results directly related to my actions and feelings brought the whole experience home for me.

I could ramble forever about each aspect of Birkman and what it revealed in terms of strengths, thoughts, motivators, and stress factors. But I wouldn’t be able to do it justice. If you or your team desires a deeper understanding of any of these unique attributes, schedule time with one of our career strategists. I’m certainly thankful that I did.

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