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Each one of us endured unexpected shifts in our careers, goals and personal lives this past year. While some juggled routine job duties alongside children’s’ home school schedules, others were tasked with making unprecedented decisions for the future of their businesses and livelihoods. Whether your work tempo seemed to slow down, ramp up or fly in a new direction altogether, we know 2020 left you wondering what might be next when it comes to finding career clarity.

New year, new outlook

Unfortunately, professional clarity isn’t gained as the clock strikes midnight on New Year’s Eve. It takes purposeful steps—sometimes over weeks and even months—to actively seek and gain clarity when it comes to one’s career path. Throw in a global pandemic and you add dozens of new facets to consider. What once was a clear and steady path for you to reach purpose and success may no longer resonate in light of current events or your personal situation.

With more people working from home alongside partners and children, it is no wonder many plan to shift focus in the coming months. And there is much to consider. Is there a different, burgeoning industry you might now have interest in? Does your experience and skillset lend itself to new opportunities? What type of job flexibility might you now demand? What type of job search strategies should you use in finding a new position?  How each person might go about gaining career clarity likely has changed forever—especially for women.

Renewed career focus

In 2020, millions lost their positions due to side-effects of the pandemic and millions of women voluntarily left the workforce. But there is hope moving forward. Julia Pollak, a labor economist for recently shared thoughts with Good Morning America. “I would encourage women not to put themselves at disadvantage in the labor market, not to act as though they’ve lost negotiating power or lost their skills. Your skills don’t disappear after a year.”

As many have said on repeat over the past 10 months, things are just going to look a little different as we focus on what might be next. But that doesn’t delete your experience, skills or value. This is true for both men and women as they look forward to the next right thing. One’s journey to clarity may look different than before, and one’s job focus and career path may not be the same as before. But change can be very good and dare we say, even exciting!

What we shared just two years ago on the concept of welcoming change still rings true today. “No one person has complete control over their situation, so it really comes down to response and action to change, in order to benefit from it.” And we’re here to help you respond and act right now in the most positive and beneficial ways possible as you progress in your career.

Start with intention

A recent Forbes article suggests professionals, “Get clear on your motives for wanting (or needing) a change so that you can start your 2021 search off with a strong sense of intention.” At Crosworks, we are career coaches who understand that to gain this clarity, focus and intention in the new year, there isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach.

Our experienced executive coaches are ready to learn what you want and need out of your career in the new year and help you evolve as a leader. We tailor the right support and create a fresh approach for you or your company to achieve success in the forever changed workplace. Reach out today to start the conversation.

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