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If you’re reaching out to a career coach for help you likely understand there’s something to gain. (Or, at least you are curious enough to learn more.) Crosworks coaches are experienced, certified professionals and will help you find things in yourself that you may not realize. Allow them to lead you to discover your clarity and purpose. First, you may have to dispel a few myths. 

“I’m too old to change careers.”

Colonel Sanders didn’t sell any fried chicken until he was in his 60s. Highlights for Children founders started this renowned children’s magazine in their early-60s as well. We can pick up new careers—with major success—at any point in our lives. One reason this is possible is the art of transferable skills. Leading a team can happen in many domains and capacities. Working with an engineer’s mind can be useful in a slew of areas. And whatever specific skills or knowledge you may need in a new career can be gained through a little time and exploration. Also, the later you get in your career, you might have access to resources to do something completely new, such as invest in a new company or consult. Keep your mind open. Anything’s possible. 

“I’m not qualified for that position.”

Mindset is key and confidence is essential. Your career coach can help you with both. Henry Ford, creator of the automobile empire said, “Whether you believe you can or you can’t, you’re right.” Believe in yourself and believe that you can. Even if you look at a job posting and see that you only meet three of the four requirements, this still may be the best-fit job for you. Find that fit and go for it. We’ve had teachers go into Ed Tech, accountants become salespeople, salespeople become police offers, and more. You might be surprised by what is possible if you put yourself out there. 

“I have the answers; why won’t people listen?”

Zig Ziglar said, “If you are not willing to learn, no one can help you. If you are determined to learn, no one can stop you.” Most, if not all, fields have ever-changing methods, regulations, and tools. There’s always something more to learn about what we do. If you’re a web developer and you’ve learned all the coding languages you think you need, take a workshop on user experience or product management. If you’re a construction worker, look into the new pieces of equipment that are being manufactured to make your job easier. Chances are, there’s much more to learn and many more skills to gain. And, who knows, going out of your comfort zone to learn something new may uncover a new passion, a raise, or a promotion.

It’s easy to create an inner-narrative that may not be productive. Career coaches can help you identify those narratives and overcome them. Crosworks’ coaches do this every day with clients across the country and across industries. And, we’re ready to help you, too. Schedule a free, non-binding phone call today.

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