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When you need help with wiring, you call an electrician. When you need your car repaired, you call a mechanic. When you need advice on your health, you call a doctor.

As an adult, you spend almost half your conscious hours at work. So, when you need help with your job, why not call a career coach?

There are important reasons to consider hiring a career coach. Understanding the value  of a career coach can help you clarify and reach your professional goals. Check out our top ten reasons to hire a career coach. And, if you are drawn to one or two, set up an informational call today!

  1. Understand the Employment Market
    • It is the job of a career coach to understand what is going on in the market. With inside information regarding labor market metrics, fluctuations in different industries, and predictions in the market, they have an advantageous view regarding general trends in the market, and can help you connect with experts.
  2. Find Clarity and Confidence in Your Current Abilities
    • One of the biggest difficulties we face in the job search is understanding our strengths. At times, we struggle to identify what experiences have improved our skills, and a career coach is just the person to help your identify your best assets. They will not only work to unveil these skills, but guide you in discussing and elaborating on them during an interview.
  3. Build Your “Elevator Pitch”
    • If you were asked to describe yourself and your assets to a company in 30 seconds, could you do it? Do you think you could do it professionally, while highlighting your skills? A career coach can help you craft your story.
  4. Develop Your Virtual and Physical Resume
    • Getting a second opinion on your resume is important for any level of profession. Career coaches serve as e a trusted source, providing honest, relevant and current information. They will help you tailor your resume and online presence to the company and industry you are working for. In today’s day and age, your LinkedIn and other online profiles are just as important as your physical resume.
  5. Recognize Your Areas of Improvement
    • Just as a career coach can help you in identifying your strengths, they also help you become aware of your less productive behaviors and provide direction for improving them. Career coaches can also assist you in appropriately revealing these areas when interviewing.
  6. Build Connections
    • Networking. It is easier and more important than ever. And, it’s not just working the room at some big networking event. With so many connections being made online, you can get lost if you don’t stay actively connected. Career coaches are experienced in building networks, and they can help you develop yours to your advantage.
  7. Create a Plan – And Make it Stick!
    • One of the best outcomes of having a career coach is the overall structure they provide you. Rarely do you have a knowledgeable, resourced, and focused person to assist you with your career – who is genuinely excited to help! A coach can work with you to create a plan for your future, as well as explore the necessary steps to get you to your best-fit career.
  8. Explore a New Career Path
    • In looking for a new direction, a coach can be most useful. Especially in shifting industries, professional development can change completely, as well as the necessary steps to be noticed in the industry. For example, some professions require more networking than others. Meanwhile, the skills that are necessary to succeed differ greatly per industry. Luckily, a career coach can guide you in navigating your path to finding success in your desired field.
  9. Ace Your Interviews
    • Career coaches help in all aspects of the professional development journey, and they certainly will perfect your interview behaviors. From looking professional to solidifying your closing remarks, a coach can leave you more confident than ever walking into an interview.
  10. Feel Supported in The Career Search
    • As self-explanatory as it gets. We all need the emotional support during the career search process; a grueling, personal, and tough path, it can be a life-saver having a resource there to support you, and keep you going strong.
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