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Top Ways Managers Can Help Employees Find Purpose

As important as it is to have a comfortable salary, jobs are about so much more than bringing home a
paycheck. Jobs are what define people, and they consume so much space in our daily lives. Therefore,
shouldn’t work be driven by a sense of purpose, rather than a sheer sense of obligation to make a living?

As a manager, it’s important to help your employees find purpose. That may require some
fundamental changes to your business philosophy. The payoff can be substantial—employees who feel
they have a sense of purpose in the workplace are more engaged and productive. They are also less
likely to jump ship when other job offers arise. If you’re seeking strategies to help build a sense of
purpose in your workplace, consider the following.

Rewrite Your Mission Statement

Your organization’s mission statement isn’t just a flashy catchphrase to put on your website for
marketing purposes. It should guide your company through difficult decisions and growth opportunities.
Rewriting your mission statement in collaboration with your employees can give them a greater sense of
value within your company and give your organization a sense of place. You’ll gain perspective on how
your business functions within the world around it and understand the impact that your employees
want to have on their community, as well.

Provide Employee Care Resources

Along with assessing the bigger picture, it’s beneficial to think about your employees on an individual
level. How are they thriving and growing outside of the workplace? When employees are living well
outside of the office, they’re more likely to feel fulfilled at work and produce their best work. Initiatives
like mental health resources, gym memberships, childcare and improved healthcare plans can all
contribute to personal development among your employees, which helps them feel valued not just as
assets for your business, but as people.

Check In With Employees More Often

What are your employees’ professional and personal goals? Get to know what is most important to each
individual. Listen carefully. How is your business helping them get there? Checking in more often with
one-on-one meetings can help you identify professional growth and development opportunities and
brainstorm ways to continue furthering the mission of your organization.

Purpose-driven growth doesn’t happen overnight, and your management team may benefit from
executive coaching to get your business on the right track. Crosworks can help you boost engagement
and create more meaningful goals to guide your business through executive coaching and custom

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