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Do you feel like it’s time to take your leadership skills to the next level? Imagine a journey where you’re consistently improving your abilities to lead your team, on a trajectory to become the best leader your company has ever seen. It’s possible when considering four crucial capabilities demonstrated in the High Performance Pyramid1. It’s important that these areas are tackled in sequence, so if you’re not sure how to implement these steps in your specific role, schedule a consultation with a Crosworks leadership coach today and kickstart your transformative journey.

Step 1: Build a Foundation of Physical Capacity

Self-care is key for this step. If we constantly have an output of encouraging our team, coming up with creative ideas, and making important decisions without any input to fill us back up, we have a recipe for burnout. Improve your energy levels with regular exercise, meals that make you feel great, and sufficient sleep. Once we’ve established a good rhythm of physical health, we can build upon it with emotional intelligence, and ultimately, peak performance.

Step 2: Practice Emotional Intelligence

Practice listening actively in all your relationships and understanding the point of view of the other person. Ask insightful follow-up questions and recognize your counterpart’s emotions as they speak. When necessary, offer constructive feedback with respect and dignity for the other person. Having this repertoire of emotional intelligence fosters trust and amounts to collaborative and resilient teams. 

Step 3: Sharpen Your Mental Acuity

Professional development through continuous learning is a must in today’s business world. There’s always new data to analyze and build insights from. Consider conferences, workshops, and research a worthy investment. Take the knowledge you gain and implement it in your work and your team’s key performance indicators. A sharp mind is the backbone for strategic decision-making and innovative solutions.

Step 4: Engage with Purpose

Have a strong understanding of your values and organizational goals. Revisit these values and goals regularly and ask yourself “How can I apply this value in my tasks today?” or “How can I move a little bit closer to this goal today?” Making sure your actions align with your values is a surefire way to lead with integrity and purpose. As a result, your team will connect with the vision, too. 

By implementing steps regarding your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual capacities, you’ll unlock new milestones in your leadership journey. If you’re ready to embark on this journey, schedule a consultation with a Crosworks leadership coach today and set yourself up for success.


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