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At Crosworks, we are huge proponents of the Birkman Method. Our team of career strategists use the Birkman Method as a tool to help individuals and organizations understand individual personalities so that they can maximize talent and achieve success and career fulfillment 

Here’s some background on the Birkman Method. You’ll see why it is so enlightening.  

The Birkman Breakdown

The 4 Perspectives of Personality

The Birkman Method is highly detailed. It helps us understand someone’s personality starting with what motivates you, how you feel about yourself in the workplace, in what environment you flourish, and how you perceive certain situations.

The 4 Birkman Colors

From there, the assessment places you in one of four quadrants, distinguished by color, which represents a different personality:  

  1. Red—represents action and energy, you like practical results 
  2. Green—represents persuasion and communication with people 
  3. Blue—represents innovation, creativity, and working with ideas 
  4. Yellow—represents order, repeatability, procedures, and systems 

After taking the assessment, you can identify which quadrant/s you fall into and apply these learnings to your job search, team building, leadership, productivity, and more.    

The 3 Personality Symbols

The Birkman Method uses three symbols to represent personality traits: 

Birkman Symbols

These personality symbols are placed in the color quadrant to connect your color to each symbol, producing an in-depth understanding of you. This brings you into focus and creates clarity as to what your next steps are to find career fulfillment.  

Birkman Map



Now you probably can see why, at Crosworks, we are such fans of Birkman. The science has proven time and again to engage and empower individuals and organizations to perform at their absolute best. It’s wonderful to have a front-row seat to see how this tool can produce “a-ha moments,” career clarity, personal clarity, and professional and personal fulfillment.  

If you are interested in learning more about how Crosworks can help you use the Birkman Method for your individual or organization’s needs, contact us and let’s talk! 

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