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Catherine Fofanah
Entrepreneurial Business Academy (EBA) student from Thomas Worthington High School
Catherine’s 6 Word Brand: Improvise for Greatness, Execute for Success

Catherine is laser-focused on successfully finishing up her last year of high school. She doesn’t play sports and this gives her time to work at Careafter School, a job she thoroughly enjoys. When Catherine has time to spare she likes to roller skate, and with the weather getting nicer she takes nice long walks with friends.

Catherine chose to intern at Crosworks for very practical reasons. Crosworks is close to the school and their flexibility fits conveniently into her schedule.

When asked about her superpowers, Catherine chuckled and said, “I’m good at separating my work life from my personal life, never getting the two mixed up.” She continued by saying “I can set up tasks and follow through to get them done.”

After graduation, Catherine is headed straight to OSU for business. When asked where she saw herself in 15 years, she said, “Living somewhere nice, hopefully, Georgia. I want to travel, see the world and establish relationships in different places.”

We are thrilled to have Catherine on the Crosworks team. Her curiosity, attention to detail, natural business acumen, desire to help others, and reliability are just some of the traits we’ve learned to love about Catherine. Thank you for choosing Crosworks, Catherine!

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