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Caleb Smith
Entrepreneurial Business Academy (EBA) student from Thomas Worthington High School
Caleb’s 6 Word Brand: The Same Story Told Differently

Caleb is really into film and helped start the film club at Thomas Worthington High School. He likes creating. He finds beauty in the way creativity allows him to show people how he sees the world around him. Caleb danced for 9 years and for him dance was a profound experience that taught him how to express himself through movement.

Caleb chose to intern at Crosworks because of the opportunity to spend time in marketing. He didn’t know anything about Crosworks. “I went in blind but I’ve come to learn that what Crosworks does is incredible. Crosworks helped me learn more about myself and my strengths, so I appreciate them for that,” says Smith.

Smith continues, “My superpowers are remembering the details. I can remember a lot from the bigger picture, but I focus on the details because they are more interesting to me. I’d consider the passion I have for certain things a superpower, I love that I love certain things so much.”

After graduation, Smith shares “I will start making as many films as I can before I breathe my last breath.” He has a lot of stories to tell and believes only he can tell them the way they should be told.

Welcome to Crosworks, Caleb! His creativity, unique perspective, open-mindedness, and willingness to take accountability are just some of the characteristics we appreciate about Caleb. Thank you for choosing Crosworks, Caleb!

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