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In January, Thomas Worthington High School senior Natalie Moog began a semester-long internship with Crosworks. Although having an internship is a requirement for the Entrepreneurial Business Academy (EBA) program at the high school, Natalie says she enjoys getting up in the morning and coming to work! In her own words, here’s more about Natalie’s Crosworks experience.

Natalie, what made Crosworks the right choice for you for an internship?
Crosworks is a great work environment and also a wonderful experience with real work for me to do. I treat it as a job and I enjoy that. In response, our team treats me as a professional. It gives me an insight to the business world, which will give me a head start in the future. 

What kind of work are you doing at Crosworks? Is it rewarding?
I work on various projects for our team members, such as marketing and organizational work. The basis of my work is understanding the ins and outs of the business, which helps me do better work while learning. My projects are based on my Birkman Method results, to align with what I enjoy and need. 

I find myself very comfortable working at Crosworks because, although it’s my first business experience, Crosworks has such smooth processes and high levels of communication. I’m never afraid to ask questions to do my work better.

Tell us about your long-term plans and how your internship at Crosworks fits into those plans.
This fall, I will be attending Ohio University’s College of Business. I plan on studying communications, as it is a mix between two of my interests, marketing and journalism. I think by the time college comes around, and even preparing for jobs in the future, Crosworks will have provided me with the knowledge to fully understand what goes into growing a business and how to work for it to grow. 

Working with Shelly Stotzer, the CEO, has been such a joy because she helps me reach a higher potential and I feel proud knowing the work I do for her is helpful for the growth of Crosworks. I can’t wait to use what I have learned now and will continue to learn in Athens in the fall!

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