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In my last post, I started with, “That’s an interesting question.” Now, I’d like to take the word Interest and ask you to take a look at your Birkman report and review your interests. Spending time in your areas of interest can help fill your soul, bring joy and fulfillment to your day.

In your Birkman report, there are 10 areas of interest listed, each given a number from 1-99. Really concentrate on interests above the number 90. These interests are extremely strong and often relate to a high level of need for that activity. Interests numbered below 20, are of almost no interest. It’s best to keep those low numbers out of your daily routine, delegate or avoid these activities, if you can.

During these stressful times, with an invisible enemy overtaking us, it may be beneficial to use some of your time each day participating in those interests above 90. For example, if Music is a strong interest, keep music playing during your day with your favorite device. Or, pick up that instrument sitting to the side, It might just bring some deserved joy. Especially for those of us who do not work in those strong areas of interests, it’s important to make time in your daily routine. These activities will help with managing stress.

For those interests numbered in the middle, 30-80, the higher the number the more interested you might be in this type of activity. Some of us have many numbered in the middle with none above 90. Chances are you have varied interests. Try out some activities in the middle but start with the highest. You may find some fun with one or more of them, less with those numbered below 40.


Below, I’ve listed the 10 areas of interest with the Birkman definitions. I’m also adding my thoughts, based upon these stressful times. Check them out. Add your own as well, based upon your experiences when you enjoyed activities in that category.

ADMINISTRATIVE | Systems, order and reliability

  • Activities include: System tracking, record, keeping, categorizing
  • What to do now: Prepare your grocery list and outline your food budget. Get those taxes done despite the deadline being extended.

ARTISTIC | Creation, appreciation for arts, aesthetics

  • Activities include: Painting, appreciating art, designing
  • What to do now: Check out the art museum for free online visits. Rearrange your furniture.

LITERARY | Appreciation for language

  • Activities include: Writing, reading, editing
  • What to do now: Read a book or a blog. Journal your thoughts daily.

MUSICAL | Playing, singing or listening to music

  • Activities include: Attending concerts, collecting, playing and appreciating music
  • What to do now: Play an instrument or your I Tunes. Get out your LP’s, they are coming back, and give them a spin.

NUMERICAL | Working with numbers and data

  • Activities include: Accounting, investing, analyzing
  • What to do now: Revise your budget. Prepare a budget. Check your bank and savings accounts.

OUTDOOR | Work in an outdoor environment

  • Activities include: Being outdoors, farming, gardening
  • What to do now: Go for a walk. Watch an outdoor adventure movie. Look out the window or work in your yard.

PERSUASIVE | Persuading, motivating, selling

  • Activities include: Debating, influencing,promoting
  • What to do now: Persuade your family to watch your favorite Netflix selection or order dinner with your favorite food. Talk out this situation with friends. Maybe schedule a virtual happy hour with friends.

SCIENTIFIC | Research, analysis, intellectual curiosity

  • Activities include: Investigating, exploring, medicine, experimenting
  • What to do now: Research the latest on the virus. Check out your prescriptions and review any side effects. Cook up a new recipe.

SOCIAL SERVICE | Helping, advocating for people

  • Activities include: Teaching, counseling, volunteering
  • What to do now: Ask if you can counsel any participants in a program via the phone, zoom, skype etc. Prepare items you no longer want for donation. Help an elderly neighbor by picking up groceries or medication.

TECHNICAL | Hands-on work with technology and machinery

  • Activities include: Programming, assembling, using gadgets
  • What to do now: Clean out the garage or the basement or your closets. Put together your latest Ikea purchase. Bring out the tools and repair that loose shelf.

If you have any questions about our work or your Birkman report, reach out to me  at, or any of our coaches. We are ready and able to talk with you or visit via email.

Stay safe, stay healthy. And if you have RED interests, wash those busy hands. What’s Important Now? For you to dip into those strong interest activities, just for YOU.

Wishing you good health, both physically and mentally,

Celia Crossley

Crosworks | Founder, Career & Talent Strategist
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