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Crosworks Future Focus is exactly what it sounds like – helping you focus your energy on preparing for your best-fit career! As a student, you have enough to worry about. Let us support you in identifying your strengths, passions and natural behaviors and then guide you in using this information for career exploration. Whether fresh out of high school or preparing to graduate from college, we can help. What will you do with a clear career focus?


64% of students choose a major that does not fit with their strengths and interests (ACT).

49% of recent college grads consider themselves underemployed (Accenture). 

More than 40% of college grads take a job out of college that does not require a college degree (CNBC).

What does this tell us?

Despite current low unemployment levels, high levels of college graduates, and more women and minorities joining the workforce, college graduates are struggling to find rewarding work. Generally, they are also significantly underemployed, meaning they cannot land positions where they will find genuine growth using their earned skills.

What can be done? How can you help? Look no further than our Future Focus program!

If you are anywhere from a recent high school graduate to someone preparing to graduate from college, you are eligible to work with our Future Focus coaches. Through the Future Focus program you will reflect on your natural strengths, passions, interests and more in order to map a fulfilling career path. We also explore the characteristics of your ideal working environment and leader, to gain a well-rounded perspective on work that is right for you. We help you map your possibilities and determine next steps to make your career aspirations become a reality. For some, it means planning further education or training, for others it means internships or job search tactics. Our plans are as individual as each of you!

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Imagine what you could do – what you can do – with the right clarity and focus to get you started strong. With Future Focus, you can begin your college selection, your job search, and your professional future with confidence!

Check out more information on our Future Focus program here, or sign up for an introductory call to learn more! Check out some testimonials from past Future Focus clients as well to see firsthand how we can help.

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