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We are hard-wired to work in a way that aligns with our interests and behaviors.  However, Gallup tells us that only 15% of employees worldwide are engaged in their jobs.  Why are so many people dissatisfied?  Perhaps they are unaware of their true interests and passions.  Team dynamics in the office could be misaligned.  Some simply suffer from burnout.  No matter the case, a career assessment will drastically help based on whatever goal you may have.

But which one should you use?  At Crosworks, we use The Birkman Method because it provides scalable solutions with unmatched depth and accuracy.  This one assessment covers a broad range of career situations with rich insights.  To truly understand why we love Birkman so much, let’s compare it to other career assessments on the market.

Birkman vs. DiSC

The DISC Assessment is a tool used by many career and leadership coaches to address one’s behavioral differences, strengths, and communication styles.  However, there are many different versions of the test, some of which are outdated.  The test also fails to measure environmental factors in the workplace.  Birkman specifically provides eleven scales that delve into interpersonal behavior and environmental expectations.  This gives your team greater awareness of the work preferences and communication styles needed to be satisfied while performing at a high-level.

Birkman vs. Myers-Briggs Type Indicator

One of the most popular personality tests, MBTI places a person into one of sixteen categories based on four scales.

The results of this test are interesting to explore but fall short compared to Birkman’s individualization.  The Birkman Method measures the intensity of your traits and unpacks your strengths.  It also gives you actionable next steps and career suggestions to help apply your results.  Myers-Briggs may be a good first step in understanding your personality, but the lack of specificity will leave you hungry for a more tailored assessment.

Birkman vs. The Enneagram

The Enneagram Personality Test explains how you interpret the world and manage your emotions.  It describes nine personality types, mapping them out to show you how each type interacts with one another.

The Enneagram may give you examples of conflict resolution methods and collaboration strategies, but they leave it at that without giving you the why.  Many of your Enneagram results will not help you align personal strengths with your current career path.  And just like MBTI, Enneagram limits you to one of a few select “types.”  Birkman easily allows you to interpret your personality in much greater detail. Plus, a Birkman Certified coach will help you highlight your differentiators to stand out in a job search.


No matter what career assessment you choose, you must start with a purpose and be true to yourself.  The results for your assessment will only be as good as your honest responses.  And as we’ve explained, there are countless tests out there with different highlights and focuses.  We are confident that The Birkman Method measures the most out of any assessment, giving you practical and actionable information to better understand yourself and your career.

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