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Why Do Employees Need a Sense of Purpose in the Workplace

The COVID pandemic prompted major shifts in daily life, including newfound reflections in which people are rethinking their values and their sense of purpose. Employers are feeling the weight of this shift in attitude through the Great Resignation, as millions of Americans have left their jobs voluntarily seeking not only better salaries but also more fulfilling work. What exactly makes work fulfilling for employees? The answer can vary, but it’s something that conscientious employers should be thinking about to attract and retain the best talent.

Most People Define Their Purpose Through Their Work

With 40 hours of the week spent at work, it’s no surprise that many people define their sense of purpose through their work. Therefore, if they feel that their work is not aligned with their personal values or making a difference in the world, they are likely to reevaluate whether they’re in the right job—or even the right field.

During the pandemic, people developed a greater sense of awareness of their worth and their personal values, and that’s translating to major shifts in how employees perceive their work.

A Sense of Purpose Builds a Stronger Connection to a Person’s Workplace

It’s a common misconception among employers that the Great Resignation is driven by salaries alone. Money plays a part, but there are other factors that impact employee retention. When employees have a sense that their work makes a positive impact on the world, they are more likely to stick around.

Purpose-Driven Workers Are More Productive

Along with higher retention, a strong sense of purpose at work can boost productivity. People are more likely to do their best work when they understand how what they do matters and care more about the work they’re doing.

Defining purpose within your company isn’t just another corporate initiative. It’s a major shift in mindset that can transform the way you do business and connect with your employees. Crosworks can guide you through this transformation with our High Performing Teams Workshop for businesses of all sizes. Contact Shelly Stotzer at to learn more.

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