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No matter the reason, many people seek out a career coach.  Some come to us hoping to gain clarity in a new career choice.  Others may feel “stuck” in their current role and reach out for help. Work performance, relationships, and even health will take a toll if you don’t feel confident in your career.  Hiring a coach can be a powerful first step, not only in finding a perfect career but in reconnecting with your personal goals and values.  Here are three of the main benefits most clients point to.

Fresh Perspective

After months or even years of following the same path, considering a new path feels like a daunting task.  Coaching gives you the chance to get tips and feedback from someone who has not known you for your entire life.  Through the coaching process, you will gain an immense amount of self-awareness. Many people learn how unique their skill set is in the marketplace and the types of work they truly enjoy doing most.  They also have a better understanding of their strengths, what they prefer in a work environment and even their traits that irk others.  Equipping yourself with this knowledge will change your work life for the better.

Tailor-Made Career Path

There’s never a one-size-fits-all solution to your career decision, and most general advice can only get you so far.  Because of this, it’s important to factor in skills, personal experiences, aspirations, and your unique personality when creating a plan of action.  Luckily, a career coach knows exactly how to turn these traits into a grounded approach for success.  Our career assessment specifically utilizes Birkman to help you take every aspect of your personality into account.  As a result, you gain the clarity and focus that we’ve always been known for.

Dedicated Time to Improve

Speaking of focus, many of us spend little time in our typical week to focus on our career-related progress.  Other priorities always end up taking precedence.  Scheduled coaching sessions give you the opportunity to allocate a chunk of time specifically for self-development.  When you hire a career coach, you immediately gain a partner to keep you accountable.  Putting aside an hour here and there to attack your goals and formulate your personal brand will pay dividends.  Nothing beats having an expert coach to keep you on track.

All of the best in their given fields have some sort of coach ready to give them expert advice.  Many people don’t think that they would benefit from coaching.  But the benefits of having a coach always outweigh the costs, and you owe it to yourself to invest in yourself.  If you’re interested in speaking with one of our career strategists, schedule an introductory call here.





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