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Why does corporate management matter? How do you view the role of your management’s influence in your company?

According to a recent Gallup poll of over 2 million employees, a company’s productivity depends, to a high degree, on the quality of its managers. The study revealed that managers didn’t just influence the results their teams achieved; it explained a full 70% variance in their productivity. Management clearly matters, and directly impacts the results of the team – is this news to you, or are you not surprised?

I’ve coached many people over the past 30 years and many came for assistance because of having a bad boss. They liked their work and the company but the boss was the problem.

Today’s workers need purpose and personal growth. These are difficult to achieve if you have to work around your boss to accomplish your work. It wastes time and reduces productivity.

My belief is that managers do not go to work every day hoping to do a bad job and make their team miserable. I find they are just in the wrong job. Being in the wrong job can bring out stress behavior, which is never effective. The manager cannot be productive while in a state of stress.

How does stress impact your ability to perform well? Have you ever been in a situation with management where stress was a critical factor?

What causes stress? Many things, family problems, bad traffic, poor communication of key leadership and of course, trying to do work in an environment that doesn’t fit. A good example is trying to grow a rose at the North Pole.

All living things, managers included, need an environment where they can thrive. What does a “fit” environment look like? It depends upon the individual. Some managers need very direct authority exercised by their boss others find it stifling. Others need time for key decisions and time to include their team in the process. In today’s work environment, we go faster and faster each day and often dampen productivity, creativity, and innovation.

The stress factors are many, but knowing yours can improve your productivity. If you happen to be the manager, understanding what triggers stress can improve your performance and your team’s. If you’d like to learn more about increasing your job satisfaction and finding the right environment for you, reach out to Crosworks, we can help.

Having a great job that fits means having a great life.

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