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Your Quest for Purpose Never Ends

As you grow older, you are likely to find that the things in life that matter most to you change. As a young adult, you may have prioritized more of your personal development, focusing energy on politics, religion or artistic endeavors. Getting older, you may shift your focus more toward family and personal relationships. This shift in your values and priorities can lead to a change in your purpose, as well. Because your quest for purpose is ever-changing and ongoing, you may find that your surroundings and lifestyle need to change to continue aligning with your purpose.

Finding Purpose is an Ongoing Journey

Finding purpose is not a destination. Instead, it’s an ongoing practice that may take you to many different places on your journey. Purpose is something that’s cultivated, and it may be derived from many different activities and endeavors. Of course, your career is likely to play a big role. After all, we spend most of our lives at work, so it’s no surprise that about 70% of people say that their purpose is defined by their work.

A Change in Purpose May Warrant a Career Change to Match

What happens when you feel burned out at work or you feel like the most important thing you get out of your job is a paycheck? If you feel this way, you are trapped in a job mindset rather than a purpose-driven mindset, and that can make going to work feel like a chore. Even if you once loved your job and felt connected to it on a deeper level, you may become disenchanted with your work as your priorities change in life. What you need from a job can change—maybe you need to feel like your work is giving something back to the world or maybe you need greater challenges and growth for yourself.

And, don’t worry, while sometimes a career change requires a major shift, not everyone needs to leave their current organization. Sometimes a minor shift in approach can make a big difference in your sense of fulfillment.

If you’re struggling to find passion in your work, a career assessment from Crosworks can help you get on the right track to fulfill your quest for purpose. With job search strategies, career guidance and other professional development services for individuals, we can help you get where you want to go.

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